L'Afrique C'est Chic - Geneva African Fashion Market 2016

L’Afrique C’est Chic, c’était chic!

As our followers already know, Calabash has the ambition to show another side of Africa through music, art & fashion. So not long ago we decided to go and visit „L’Afrique C’est Chic“.

Although it was a rainy Saturday in Geneva at the end of April, the sun was definetly shining in the halls of the Pavillon Sicli where the 2nd edition of the fashion event L'Afrique C'est Chic took place. It was a beautiful happening where more than 30 exhibitor showed their work.

The first highlight could be found already before the entrance with the food stand by Serafine Food serving a delicious variety of Moroccan and Cameroonian dishes. The fact that the stand was packed until they were completely sold out showed the quality of the meals.

As soon as we entered the hall we were lost in fascination by the originality and also the contemporary swag of all the displayed products. The whole place was set up as a market where you had the chance to root around for whatever you were looking for.

Catched by the energie while walking within the „Chic" area, this was even only an appetizer. The „Choc“ was waiting for us in the second floor with the creations of the designers: DENT DE MAN, I AM ISIGO, KENNETH IZE, LE MARCHÉ NOIR, MYRIAM MAXO, REVALDI HOUSE, ROSA PALHARES and XULY BËT. As a crowning final we attended the „Choc“ catwalk with the 8 selected designers.

We definitely spend a great time in Geneva, but let's stop the writing and let the pix speak for themselves!