Seperate Ways For Bullhouse Entertainment & Shatta Wale

One of the tightest relationships found in the Ghanian music scene seems to be over. Bulldog, the head behind Bullhouse Entertainment, released a press release stating he is no longer working with the dancehall king. Against the presumption that there is a lot of hate going on now between the two parties, Bullhouse clearly show their thankfulness for being a part of Shatta Wales journey in the past few years (check the full statement below).

But on the other side Shatta Wale claims at Pluss 89.9 FM the reason for the split is that Bullhaus has done nearly nothing to help him with his career. And if the rumors are true then something much bigger is waiting for the SM general because it seems that he is joining the roaster of one of the hottest dancehall labels right now: Notnice Records.