A modern Africa

Calabash has for ambition to Show through music and art another side of Africa.

A continent which is still unknown and often misunderstood from people, and unfortunately sometimes even from Africans themselves.

Calabash is like another bridge to the motherland. Or a window to a world with enormous resources which is constantly evolving and currently at a turning point in its history. The explosion of the west african music in the last decade it's a good representation to it.

It's not about praising any kind of supremacy but in the opposite highlight the readiness of a continent for working together and for being an active part of this ‘’mixitude’’ which is the new reality of our modern world.

Striving for the best of different worlds! It is like finally live the dreams of our forefather ,  embracing Africa and Europe  like two pieces of the five stone building up the new world. And as usual music and art are leaders in this quest. 

Even through hard times Africa always had something to give. Exemplary strength of men and women, life philosophy, history, spirit or just this unique way to express emotions and experiences though Art.

And here we are calabashners, supporting an inspiring Africa and present with no arrogance but unashamed, what she is now, and what she has to give to the world. 

Calabash - "An african ting" in the puzzle of human cooperation.

The world is welcome!